What a joy it is discovering the unique details and qualities of still things like food, handmade goods and things around your own home. Food, product and still life photography can bring a lot of challenge, but so much enjoyment as you discover your own photographic voice.

 Stories can come alive with a great photo, and so many people want to learn how to capture those beautiful moments and details with their own camera.  With devoted time and practice, your photographic style and ability can only grow.

In a commercial sense, businesses thrive with great images that show the value, quality and purpose of what your business has to offer. Whether you are just starting to learn photography, or have had an interest for a long time, I would love to help you!



common Workshops and mentoring topics:

product photography

β€”Manual DSLR Settings & Use

-Food & Product styling and photography/ table top styling

-Details photography for blogging, events, life moments

-Working with brands, commercial and stock photography/getting published

-Finding your photographic style (ex. dark & moody vs. light & airy)

-Shooting natural light in homes/interior design



 FALL WORKSHOP DATE: NOVEMBER 2, 2019 (Click image below for information)



-MENTORING-Online or In person-

Mentoring is offered online (over Skype) or also in person. I am happy to meet in the Phoenix area, and we customize the time for whatever you want to learn specifically.  

One hour Skype session : $275

 In-Person 2-hour: $400; 4-hour: $675

 Year-long- involves two 2-hour in person mentoring sessions (every 6 months), with a 30 minute monthly Skype session the other 10 months of the year.   $1600 (can be paid 70/30)

For any specific details, please contact me.





The Simple & Styled E-book is a guide I created for anyone who has a mentoring session with me, those who are long distance, on a budget, or even just starting out! The real perk that comes with this 98 page beauty, is the opportunity to join my online private mentoring group. You are free to post in that group for feedback, and if you are local, I post monthly meet-ups and shooting opportunities too.

       If you are a business owner interested in learning more about your DSLR camera + photographing still things, I would love to help you! Are you a blogger interested in growing your style and experimenting with a new kind of photography? I am SO glad you are here!  Looking for a creative outlet for your own artistic still-life style? Let’s learn from each other!

      Business is visual, and anyone who might be considering stepping out into commercial photography for their own blog or business must be sure they are representing themselves well. Please reference the table of contents and other information I have on this page.

       Also know that the eBook is an easily downloadable PDF and includes:

-98 pages of content and images that explain my process and methods to styling and shooting images for your brand

-Behind the scenes look at shots, editing and inspiration

-Ideas for composing and brainstorming your own shots using natural light


photography ebook

Purchases are non refundable, and those who purchase the private group membership will be sent the link to the group within 3 days of purchasing.

Interested in learning how to style flat lay images? Check out my online course through ClickinMoms!

Flat Lay Photography